Designed For Osteopaths:  the New, 3-Year Cycle

Times they are a’ changing.  A new, 3-year CPD cycle, and now a set of new Osteopathic Practice Standards.

With APM, you don’t have to worry about making sure you comply with those changes.

You don’t need to worry about getting enough hours.  You don’t need to worry about ticking all the compulsory boxes.  And you don’t need to worry about keeping all your records organised.  Oh, and you don’t need to bother about getting your head around all the terminology (“themes”, “practice standards”, “peer observation”, “peer review”, “objective activities”…).  We’ll sort it all out for you.

We make sure you get all the compulsory stuff, and we even make sure you get a nice, pretty, personalised certificate which explains how everything relates to the OPS (the 2019 revised version) and other requirements.  But, frankly, you don’t even need to worry about that!  We keep all your records nice and secure in your profile, ready for when you need them.

Under the new system, you now have to write a “statement of reflection” (oh, joy!).  But here’s another great thing – we draft it for you, so you can amend as you see fit (always easier to edit than to create from scratch!). 

One important thing here – this is NOT about simply ticking boxes.  It’s about making sure that you achieve the true aim of CPD – keeping your medical knowledge up-to-date and getting the best for your patients, without having the stress of fiddling around with irritating admin.

All this is part of your membership of APM, along with all the other member benefits. 

Here’s what to do: pick one of the options on the right, and get started right now.  Take the weight off your shoulders. 

There’s a low-cost annual contract (£24 per month, including VAT), or a low-commitment option costing £40.80 per month.  But probably your best bet is to take the no-obligation, £6 trial.  Full access for 28 days.  What on earth are you waiting for?!

CPD Plus

Our CPDPlus plan takes you to a whole new level:  not only do you continue to have access to all our CPD material, but we also manage your CPD for you. 

What does that mean?  It means you have a member of the APM team constantly checking to make sure that you are meeting all the new requirements (Objective Activities, Communication & Consent) and you are on track to achieve that least the minimum number of hours required.  They will also make sure that you have the information you need for your annual renewal of registration (sadly, we cannot actually do that for you, as it’s a legal process) and they will maintain a full portfolio of all your CPD (including any that you do elsewhere).

When your annual renewal is due, they’ll provide you with all the information you need.

When it’s time for your peer review discussion, if you don’t have someone in mind, they’ll help you find an appropriately qualified person.  Most importantly, they will ensure that your CPD portfolio is completely up-to-date and will make sure that you and reviewer have copies (beautifully presented, and fully indexed!) so that the whole process is as simple as it can possibly be.

If you’re audited, we will support you through the whole process with any additional evidence that may be required by the General Council.

In short, you have complete peace of mind and can get on with just being a great osteopath.

CPD Plus is a 3-year contract, which costs just £39 per month (including, of course, the VAT).  The documents below go into more detail.

And one thing every member gets…

As a member of APM, you have access to our unrivalled support.  No other osteopathic organisation is more responsive or caring (OK, that’s only our opinion, but just take a look at all our customer reviews!).  The secret to our system is called Ana.  She’s our “Head of Helpfulness”, and goes more than the extra mile to help members with whatever problem they have.

Come to think of it, she’s just as helpful to non-members.  Go on.  Give her a call… 

01933 328150