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All our CPD is available to you through the website.  Just go to the home page and you’ll see a link to the next CPD event.

During “normal” times, we broadcast a 90-minute discussion from 7:30 to 9:00pm on the first Wednesday and third Tuesday of every month.  You can watch through the website or through our Facebook members group.

One week after each of these evening shows, we also broadcast a lunchtime, case-based discussion.  We do that via a combination of Zoom, so that we get maximum participation from all attendees.

Your CPD certificates are in your profile, and they’ll show exactly how you met the Osteopathic Practice Standards or The Chiropractic Code


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If you aren’t a member, you can try us out with our 28-day, no-obligation trial.

That costs just £6 (including tax – it’s just £5 if you aren’t UK-based).  The trial gives you access to all our CPD, our full back-catalogue of hundreds of hours of brilliant demonstrations and discussions, and access to our member benefits.

There’s absolutely no risk to you – we’ll make sure to contact you before anything changes, and even if you decide not to continue, any CPD you have done with us will remain accessible to you through your profile page and you’ll always be able to download your certificates, with their detailed record of exactly how you met your CPD requirements!


Free CPD

Throughout the current coronavirus crisis, we have been providing free CPD every lunchtime. 

We’re doing this to provide help establish a routine for you in what are very unsettled times, and to help you meet your registration obligations at a time when your clinic is probably earning little or no money.

Case-based discussions, member benefits, our back-catalogue and evening broadcasts are excluded, but it’s still 45 minutes of learning with others every day.

Register by clicking the button below (we need you to register so that we can generate your personalised CPD certificates).


All our membership fees have been reduced to just £6 per month for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.  We’ll make sure we let you know well in advance when that’s about to change, but in any case we anticipate restoring fees in stages – we know it’ll be difficult getting your income back to normal.

If you take out our trial, you’ll be asked to decide which membership option you’d like at the end.  Rest assured that whatever you choose, the fee remains £6 per month, and you you’ll have the option to opt out completely whenever our fees do go back to normal.

We’re here to support you, not to make life difficult.  If you have any questions, or need any help at all, just give us a call – the brilliant Ana will do everything she can to sort you out (she’s famous for it!)

Here’s the number to call: 01933 328150