Concierge Membership

Your Peace of Mind

CPD Plus will let you get on with being an osteopath, while we take care of the tedious admin, making sure everything is in place for your annual and 3-yearly reporting.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have two simple options: a monthly subscription, or an up-front payment (over the first 3 months) which saves you over £200.

CPD Plus Monthly

£42.00 per Month (inc UK VAT) Total (per year): £504.00 Total (3 years): £1,512.00

CPD Plus “Up-Front”

3 Payments of £428.40 (inc UK VAT) Total: £1,285.20


Please note that you can start your CPD Plus membership at any point in your CPD cycle, but it is a 3-year contract.  This is to allow for the fact that we will be doing a great deal of work to ensure that you are ready for your Peer Discussion Review, including logging your external CPD, monitoring your progress and preparing a detailed CPD portfolio.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about anything:  we’ll provide you with great CPD which covers all the required elements of the CPD process, we’ll let you know if you’re falling short in any way, and we’ll provide you and your peer discussion reviewer with all the information you need to complete the 3-year cycle quickly and efficiently. 

When you start your CPD Plus membership, if you’ve already got some CPD under your belt, we’ll upload up to 15 hours of it to your record for you.  We’ll work out which Osteopathic Standards you covered, whether you completed any objective activities, write a statement of relevance and suggest the sort of “reflection” you might want to consider.

After you start your CPD Plus membership, we’ll upload ALL your CPD (even learning you carry out with other providers).