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Welcome to The Academy elite!

We’re going to be doing a LOT of work for you over the next 3 years, so that you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of meeting the new CPD requirements. Here’s what to expect:

  • Some time in the very near future you’ll get an email from Ana asking for some basic information, so that we can set up all the necessary milestones and reminders to keep you on track. The email will also contain your login details, where to look for your CPD record, and information about getting the most from The Academy. Apologies if you’re already a member and know all this, but better safe than sorry! If you don’t see a message from her, please check your spam box – many email providers will recognise when messages come from processing systems like ours and will hide them away thinking they’re junk.

  • Ana will also try to contact you by telephone, just to welcome you properly and reassure you that it’s OK to call us when you have questions (about anything!). However, we’re very aware that osteopaths are hard to contact, because they’re always seeing patients, so feel free to call her yourself (01933 328150).

Because you were one of the first to take up our CPDPlus offer, we also need to sort out your bonuses. So Ana will automatically pass your details to Gilly Woodhouse, so that she can set up the social media coaching for you, and she’ll need to know when you’d like to have your one-to-one marketing session with Steven. Unless you’re already a red-hot marketing expert or your clinic is already so jam-packed that you don’t want any more patients, this is likely to be really helpful in growing your practice. That said, we won’t force any of the sessions on you – it will be up to you to let Ana know when you want to do them.

Enough for now! Welcome once again to the elite – we’re really looking forward to working with you.