This Is Your Ideal Clinic

Read on and discover why this is the clinic for you –  

and how it is too good an opportunity to miss…  

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a well-established (1992) Chiropractic clinic in the North East of England.

With its central location to Durham, Newcastle and Sunderland and easy access to the A1 and A19 the clinic is right in the heart of the area – and being the longest established clinic, it is fair to say it is central to the area.

The building is a freehold, double fronted, end terrace and was recently refurbished throughout and redecorated. Consisting of 4 (possible) treatment rooms, reception, kitchen and bathroom the property is ideal for either further expansion into a multidisciplinary practice or for a combined clinic / home accommodation.

In 2019, with me working solo and having reduced my hours, the cash only practice saw 315 new patients and 3960 returning patients. This means you certainly won’t be starting from scratch – you will be seeing patients from day one and everything is in place for you to treat a lot more (should you wish).

In 2020 the clinic saw 263 new patients and 2983 returning patients. That’s roughly 22 new patients and 248 returning patients a month – despite people afraid to leave their homes for fear of the plague and me having had 2 holidays (and one really long, almost 4 months, enforced one).

When the clinic really got going again from mid-July the figures improved dramatically. In the last 6 months of the year I saw 172 new patients (or 28 a month) and 1763 returning patients (or 293 a month)…

…and I reduced my hours a bit more!

2021 has seen the clinic numbers pick up even more.

After 30 years I think it is time to pass the baton to someone else and let someone else develop and expand the clinic further and optimise the untapped potential (should they wish). I am happy to stay on and work with the new owner as they establish themselves for (almost) as long as they want the transition to run, or they can take over straight away and run it in their own style – I really am easy going.

This short advert cannot do justice to this fantastic opportunity, so I recommend you look at for all the details and if you want to ask me for any specifics you can drop me an email to