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We started providing free CPD at the beginning of the Covid crisis, in order to help out our colleagues, many of whom were struggling with lockdown.  It proved really popular, so we've decided to continue it!

However, in order to make sure you can get your "Learning With Others" CPD certificate, we need to register you, so please complete the registration form.

That's all you need to do - there's no need to register for each broadcast, or to log in each time!

This is a great way to keep abreast of information directly relevant to your practice.

IMPORTANTDon't confuse the computer! You only need to register once - if you've registered for a previous broadcast, that's all you need to do. If you register again, you'll create a duplicate record - the computer will then sulk and refuse to tell you about any of our broadcasts or create your CPD certificates.

If you have information that you'd like to share, or you have questions that need answering, then give us a call (01933 328150) or email in (  This is an absolutely brilliant way to help us all keep our fellow practitioners informed.

Osteopathic & Chiropractic CPD

Online CPD broadcasts, streamed LIVE to your preferred device

Covering all the CPD requirements set by the UK General Councils, including “Learning with Others”

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All of your CPD – accessed and completed online via computer, tablet or phone


Over 70 Hours’ Learning With Others – Every Year

The Academy of Physical Medicine streams your CPD live via the internet, so you can complete your CPD requirements from the comfort of your own home or practice – without taking time away from your business, but without sacrificing the opportunity to interact with the speakers and with other practitioners. 

The CPD events are fully interactive, highly informative and hugely varied. What’s more they relate directly to your clinical practice AND to the requirements of the General Council.

They’re unlike any other online CPD – think chatshow, not PowerPoint! You can watch, listen and ask questions using your preferred device, and it all counts towards your ‘Learning with Others’ quota. All the broadcasts (except case-based discussions) are recorded, and recordings posted on the website with full supporting material (transcripts, summaries, handouts and more).

Every broadcast is followed up with a highly detailed certificate, including all the information needed by the General Council for your CPD return. They even include a draft statement of reflection!



Our Online Broadcasts cover all of your CPD requirements as set out by GOsC and GCC. You also receive a personalised certificate showing exactly how the training related to the Osteopathic Practice Standards and the Chiropractic Code.






Each broadcast comes with supporting documents including a concise, text summary. Detailed, personalised certificates for your CPD are also provided for your CPD portfolio.




All of our Live Broadcasts and Case-Based Discussions (over 72 hours per year) count towards your ‘Learning with Others’ quota. 




As a member of APM, you are entitled to many additional industry related benefits including website videos, course discounts, cut-price equipment and more…




Broadcast recordings are posted with all supporting material in the Members area of the website, so you can learn from the back-catalogue or recap as necessary. All at your own convenience, from any location.



Our aim is to make your life easier! As a member, you have access to unlimited support from the whole team. We’re famous for it.
Whether you want to discuss a business idea, design a flyer, or discuss a problem, we’re here to help. 



Bite-sized learning, with no travel time or days/weekends away


No need for days off work, no travel or hotel costs


Accessible from any location, using any device


Regular, entertaining, concise & informative. Ticking all the boxes!



Experience the benefits of full APM membership for a month for just £6.

You’ll have access to 6 hours of Learning with Others; including two evening broadcasts, two lunchtime events and access to 100’s of hours of pre-recorded CPD.