The Academy's £6 ....£1 Trial

Our 28-day, no obligation trial gives you access to virtually everything we do for just £1 (inc UK VAT).

Before you can take it up, you will have to tell us which sort of membership you think you’d like to transfer to at the end – either Low Commitment or Low Cost, but there’s absolutely no commitment to do so. At the end of the trial, you can decide to remain a member or not.

Low Commitment means that you can cancel at any time, but the monthly fee is a bit higher (£44.40 per month, including VAT).

Low Cost is the best value. It’s an annual contract, but you can still decide to pay by monthly instalments (at no extra charge).  The fee is just £27.60 per month (inc VAT), and not surprisingly, it’s by far the most popular option.

THE ALTERNATIVE It’s easy to be put off by subscription services – but they aren’t all the same!  What we provide is something that you actually need to maintain your registration, unlike the gym membership that is easy to ignore!  The alternative is to get your Learning With Others through face-to-face courses where, inevitably, the cost and inconvenience are both much higher.  What’s more, The Academy provides a huge range of information, helping you stay prepared for whatever comes through your clinic door next.  Further, our support to members is unrivalled – if you need help, we go the extra mile to provide what you need.

Take the trial now and see for yourself!

* The trial is only available once.  If you’ve already tried us and apply again, the computer will throw a wobbly.  One of the team will then get in touch to see what you need us to do for you!

The Bit About No-Obligation

We mean this.  We will absolutely NOT try to “sucker you in” to a commitment that doesn’t suit you. 

Throughout the trial you have the opportunity to tell us that you don’t want to continue.  What’s more, we promise to contact you before the end of the trial to make sure that you do want to remain a member.

At the end of the trial, regardless of which option you picked at the start, you’ll have the option to choose a different membership if you wish (or none at all, of course).  Once you’re a member, you can still change to a different level.

Changes in Fees

We promise to contact you before any changes in fees, so that you can decide what you’d like to do.

We’re confident you’ll want to stay, because what we offer is so good, so cost-effective and so useful, that you’ll want to be part of this great gang of fellow practitioners, really enjoying getting fantastic CPD from their homes or clinic (or anywhere else they happen to be, for that matter!).

Just fill in the form to start your trial and you can see for yourself why so many of your colleagues have given us 5-star ratings on Facebook and Google!